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African Canvas Print

Interior Mock-up Service

With African canvas prints interior mock-up services you can visualize the correct size, color, and subject matter for your photographic print within the desired interior space. This gives you the opportunity to get an idea of what the canvas print would look like hanging on your wall before you buy it.

“Inquire about our reselling service to help Curio shops, Interior designers & Art galleries  provide their clients with the finest African Canvas Prints”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we Pay?

We have simplified the process of buying an African Canvas Prints.

When you have chosen your African Canvas Prints, you will be given two payment options. One to pay a direct deposit (Electronic Funds Transfer –EFT) into our bank accounts (best for South Africans) or through our secure pay gate service provider.

Direct EFT Payments

  • Items paid for by EFT will only go to print once we have received a valid proof of payment at info@africancanvasprints.com.
  • Please use your invoice number as the payment reference. It is very difficult for us to identify payments without a unique reference number.
  • If we have any reason to suspect a fraudulent purchase, the order will only ship once the money has cleared. In such a case we will contact you to explain our concerns. (The order will only be shipped once the payment reflects in our bank account.)

PayFast – Credit Card Payment

  • To complete the payment via Payfast, click on the “Pay by card” button on the “My Orders” page and you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  • If we process the order on your behalf, you can request a payment link to complete the payment by credit card.


  • Our prices are in ZAR/South African Rand. We are based in Nelspruit, South Africa

How much are the delivery or shipping costs?

Shipping African Canvas Prints simplified

We have created  flat shipping or courier rates to various regions around the world, this shipping cost is automatically added to the bill. This cost is calculated based on a single A2 print, the cost does not change if you ad another print or choose a bigger print, or both.

How are the prints shipped?


  • Locally the Prints are shipped with Aramex, or any courier service of your choice.
  • Internationally, Most of our international shipments are handled by Amarex, this is dependent on the shipping address. We may use other reputable international couriers.
  • Each print is wrapped in two sheets of the protective paper and sent in a strong cardboard tube sealed at both ends.
  • We print each photograph to order and I will notify you with an approximate delivery time.

Please note: The above print details and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.

How long does it take to ship the canvas prints?

Printing times

  • The canvas will be printed and packaged for shipping within 3 to 5 working days of receiving confirmation that payment reflects in our account.

Delivery Times

  • locally (South Africa) shipping should arrive within 48hrs after printing.
  • Internationally this really depends on your location, We aim to have the print delivered within a week.
  • Print deliveries can be tracked, and we will provide a tracking number once we have handed over the print to the courier company.

Note* a working day is Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday are variables that effects delivery times that we cannot control or guarantee.

Do you offer discounts for interior designers, Galleries, Curio shops?

Selling and reselling African Canvas Prints

Yes, we do offer a resellers rate to qualifying partners. Please visit our Sellers & Resellers Page.

Which Canvas do you use?

Texture, Durability & Quality

When we were looking for our primary print medium, we wanted a durable, high quality material that gives an authentic look and feel to our prints, that is also cost effective. We found all these qualities with the canvases that we use.

Epson Premium Canvas Satin

Poly/Cotton blend with a unique texture that gives the appearance that this is the work of a true artist, on a glossy surface. Suitable and stretchable for framing, this is water-resistant, allowing extreme durability, which makes it the highest resolution canvas. (you also say that Epson water-resistance canvas is the highest resolution?)

  • Acid-free
  • lignin-free
  • heavyweight
  • cotton/poly blend with a high D-max
  • wide color gamut
  • elegant, semi-gloss surface)

Contact African Canvas Prints for any technical questions about our Canvas.

Are there other print options?


There are a huge variety of print options available out there. We have decided to only focus on premium quality canvas prints. However we are able to do custom prints, on a variety of different print mediums. It would be easier for us to discuss these with you individually, please contact us with your specific request so that we can help you get the exact print that you are looking for.

What are the print sizes?

Print sizes

We have standardized five print options, for website purchases.

  • A4 (300mm x 200mm)
  • A3 (400mm x 300mm)
  • A2 (600mm x 400mm)
  • A1 (900mm x 600mm)
  • A0 (1200mm x 900mm)

Custom Sizes

The above sizes are our standard prints, however if you require anything to be print bigger or smaller please contact us as custom sizes are not available through the website directly.

Can you print my OWN Photographs?

Yes, and we offer a free service to edit the photograph as well.

The first thing that many photographers are yet to do is actually print their photographs nice and big. Although your own photographs may look amazing your own computer screen. Due to the size, resolution, and high quality of our printers, little editing flaws show up quite easily on a large print. Our Lightroom and Photoshop specialists are available to edit your photographs if you require them.

  • This service is designed for us to help you edit the photograph.
  • Send us the Hi-resolution file, ideally the Raw file
  • We kick up a conversation about how you would like the photograph edited? Monochrome, style of edit and we assist with helping you understand what will work and what won’t work with each image.
  • This whole process is done individually and we provide a number of mock-up and tweaks until you are satisfied with the final edit.
  • We print and ship your personal canvas print.

Is it possible to have a print Mounted and Stretched?

Yes we can, but only for South African orders.

There is to much additional risk of damage, by sending a stretched and mounted canvas internationally. So the only option for international buyers is our standard loose canvas that is shipped in a protected tube. Then a local framer or gallery could easily mount and stretch the print once it arrives.

For orders that have a South African mailing address please contact us directly.

So we are able to quote you privately about having your prints mounted and stretched. Please note that the additional cost will be for both the addition of the stretching/mounting and the extra cost of having a larger package.

*Additional costs of having a print Stretch mounted and shipped, over and above the cost of the print and standard shipping.

  • A0 – R1000.00
  • A1 – R  850.00
  • A2 – R  650.00

What is the standard pricing structure for a photographic print?

Standard Single Prints

All the single prints are the same cost across the African Canvas Prints website. The prices change when purchasing a Signature Print collection or buying a Single edition Print.

  • 1 x A0 = R 2900.00 (1200 x 900mm)
  • 1 x A1 = R 2500.00  (900 x 600mm)
  • 1 x A2 = R 1500.00 (600 x 400mm)
  • 1x A3 =  R   595.00 (400 x 300mm)
  • 1x A4 =  R   350.00 (300 x 200mm)

Who are we?

Who we are

African Canvas Prints is a South African based fine art supplier of African canvas prints to interior decorators, safari lodges and the private art buyers.

We are also a division of Africa Photographic Services, a premier supplier of specialist photographic services to the safari industry.

Whats is your interior mockup service?

Interior Design Mock-up service

Buying a print for a space is a difficult process because the buyer will only know once the print is on the wall, if it is the correct print for that space. So African Canvas Prints offers a interior mock-up service is designed to help the buyer get a better visualisation of what the print will look like on the wall.

Do you offer Printing Workshops?

Yes we do, but it’s not a Workshop

There are many photographers that are very curious about the printing process. So a photographer can book an editing session with one of African Canvas Prints Lightroom and photoshop specialists. Who will help you understand the fundamentals of editing photographs for print? After which we print a photograph so that you can see the actual edit on canvas.

  • Learn how to edit for print
  • Understand screen colour calibration in relation to printer calibration
  • Using Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop
  • advanced Photoshop editing techniques, like layers, luminosity masks, and Nik Software
  • Sharpening for print
  • All edits are done on 27″ Apple iMacs
  • Printing is done on a large format printer
  • A print editing session includes one A2 print, you can upsize your print.
  • This service is only available in Nelspruit, South Africa.

Africa Canvas Prints

Wildlife canvas printing for the fine art collector

What better way to adorn your walls than with high quality printed canvas art? Designed for the consummate art connoisseur, but equally suitable for classy office walls and the home, our printed canvas is durable and our prints are of the finest quality.

And with a variety of wildlife images available, buyers have a selection of stunning canvases to browse through. Our products are also supplied to the tourist industry, with curio shops stocking some of our best wildlife printed canvas.

We offer our clients the best quality canvas printing in South Africa.  

Our printed canvas is ideal for art buyers and interior designers looking to make a big impression with their room layout. With single edition canvas prints available, space can become truly unique. Buying first edition prints is an option we have available when you are the first buyer. This means that you or your client, should you be an interior decorator, will have the opportunity to own an exclusive fine art print.

It is not just about the stunning image that will adorn your canvas of choice, but also the longevity of the canvas used. The canvas we use for the prints is carefully selected. A number of elements are taken into account when selecting the canvas to be used. But the most important elements are texture, durability, and, of course, quality. Canvas printing is only as good as the quality of the canvas used. By using high-quality materials, our prints not only look fantastic but they also have a great texture. And to make the process more affordable, we also only use a canvas that is cost-effective.

Our Canvas

We use Epson Premium Canvas Satin.

The other canvas we use for our prints is the Epson Premium Canvas Satin. Also a poly/cotton blend, this is the canvas ideally used for those looking for a glossy finish. This canvas is also water-resistant and can be stretched for framing. For the highest image resolution, this is the canvas to use.

Canvas Sizes (Printed Canvas Dimensions)

In terms of the size of the printed canvas, we offer five standard options, while we are also open to doing custom sizing. The three standard options we have are as follows:

  • A4 (300mm x 200mm)
  • A3 (400mm x 300mm)
  • A2 (600mm x 400mm)
  • A1 (900mm x 600mm)
  • A0 (1200mm x 900mm)

The Images

While our passion lies in printing wildlife wall art, creating wildlife canvas prints is not where our skills end. Often we have clients come to us with images of their own which they want to be turned into a quality printed wall canvas. Not only do we offer the option of doing custom printed canvas at affordable prices, but we will also edit the photograph at no extra charge.

An image might look amazing on a computer screen, but when blown up to the right size for a canvas, the resolution can take a beating. We are specialists in Lightroom as well as Photoshop, so any little flaws that might ruin an otherwise fantastic printed canvas can be fixed. We’ll talk to you about the style and form you want your image to take once it is printed before the project is complete.

For South African customers, the printed canvas can be mounted, stretched, and delivered to destinations all over the country.

A little bit about us

There is a passion for the work that we do. We are a division of one of the best photographic companies in South Africa, Africa Photographic Services, which is a company that specializes in capturing exceptional wildlife images from the nearby safari destinations, such as the Kruger National Park. This also means we have access to 100% unique images. Our prints have been featured in safari lodges while they are also often bought by private art buyers in search of something unique to add to their growing art collection.

We don’t just offer canvas prints. As a part of our services, we offer a mock-up service for interior designers. Not knowing how a print is going to look on the wall, once it is paired with all of the other design elements, is a challenge few interior designers can afford to ignore. Our mock-up service will give you a great visual tool to use for your clients, as well as for you as a designer. The mock-up will guarantee that you are able to select the right size print while it will also show you how colours will blend into your space.

To give you a mock-up, either you send us the photo you intend to use or you select one from our print selection. We’ll then catch up with you via Skype, email, or over the phone to find out more about your requirements, especially size. We then use the image and your list of requirements to create a number of mock-ups, which will be your guide to the look and feel of space after the canvas has been hung. If you are happy with the look, we’ll print the canvas and ship it to you.

For top canvas printing at the best prices, you can rely on African Canvas Prints. We deliver quality prints to clients based throughout South Africa. For quality canvas printing in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and all the towns in between, get in touch with us today!

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