Our interior mock up service

The Process

Trying to visualize, the correct size, color and subject matter for a photographic print inside an interior space is difficult. Only once the print is hanging on the wall is it possible to determine if the correct print has been chosen.

This is where our Interior Mock Up Service, provides an invaluable service to the Art Buyer. Provide us a photograph of blank or clear wall inside the the interior space where the photographic print is intended to be hung. Then we will create a virtual mock up of what that print would look like on the wall.

  • Take a photo

    Take photography of the interior wall that needs a stunning Canvas Print. The better the quality of the photograph you send the better quality of the mock-up we can return …

  • Upload or Email us the photograph

    Use the Image uploader on this page or just email us the photograph.

  • We Skype the print requirements

    We kick up a conversation over Skype, phone to email to discuss which photographs you are interested in and and what size your would like to see on your wall.

    We would require some sort of sizing reference to be able to get the size as close to realistic as possible, however please note that its impossible to get the sizing 100% correct. 

  • We build the Interior Mock Up’s

    We will provide a few different mock-up options and help you decide on the final image and the size.

  • Print and Deliver

    Once you are happy on which print is best suited for your wall, we assist you to place a print order. Then its printed and shipped.

File Uploading

We have two services the may require images to be submitted to us. Our Interior design mockup services and our custom image editing service. Please use the file uploader if you would like to utilize either of these services and please follow that up with an email, below.

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